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The Office of the University Ombudsperson has compiled the following information to assist instructors in ensuring syllabi are in line with student rights as outlined in the Code of Teaching Responsibility. As you are creating or reviewing syllabi, we encourage you to consult the resources below. In addition, we would be happy to review and provide feedback or to give presentations on creating inclusive and comprehensive syllabi.

  1. Code of Teaching Responsibility
    The Code of Teaching Responsibility is a codified student right that outlines minimum requirements for what must be contained in course syllabi.
  2. Syllabus Checklist (.pdf)
    1. COVID Resources and Syllabus Support
  3. Accessible Syllabus Template (.docx)
    Web Accessibility staff have created an accessible syllabus template based upon the Code of Teaching Responsibility and Syllabus Checklist.
  4. Office of the University Ombudsperson Presentations/Trainings
    You can find additional information about the Ombudsperson’s workshop MSU Syllabi: Promoting Equity, Fairness and Dialogue in the Classroom.
  5. Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Development
    The Office of Faculty and Academic Staff Development works with all faculty, academic staff, and academic administrators at Michigan State University as they join the university, establish professional trajectories, and move through various stages of review, promotion, and growth.