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University Emergency Contacts and Missing Student Notification Policy

Michigan State University only contacts parents and other family members if they are listed as "emergency contacts" in the student's records. It is the student's responsibility to identify who their emergency contact shall be. Even if a parent or other family member is in communication with their student or pays their tuition, they are only contacted if they are the designated emergency contact.

All currently enrolled students are asked to provide information for a third party to be contacted in the event of a medical or other personal emergency and in order to receive emergency notifications through MSU ALERT . In order to designate an emergency contact or for more information please visit:

Michigan State University also has a "Missing Student Notification Policy". This policy applies to students living on-campus only. You may read the policy at

If you have any additional questions about MSU's emergency contact/missing student notification policies, please contact the Office of the University Ombudsperson.