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Special Grade Markers


A DF-Deferred grade is reserved for graduate students who are passing a course but for reasons acceptable to their instructors cannot complete the course during the regularly scheduled course period.  Students who request and receive a DF-Deferred grade marker must complete the course work, and instructors must report the grade, within six months (190 calendar days) after the last class day of the particular term of instruction.  Students may request a six-month extension of this deadline from their instructor. To grant the request, instructors should go to the Registrar's forms page on the web. Once there they choose the "Administrative Action" form. Once this link is clicked a sub-menu opens and there is an option for "Extension of Conditional Grade". This form is submitted online and routed for the necessary approvals.

If a student fails to complete the required work by the announced deadline, the DF-Deferred grade marker will automatically be changed to DF/U-Unfinished.  To receive credit in the course, the student must reenroll in the course.  This policy does not apply to thesis or dissertation courses.  A DF/U does not affect a student's overall GPA.

In requesting a DF-Deferred grade marker, students must obtain from their instructors the assignments and or tests they are required to complete and the deadline(s) for submitting this course work to their instructors.

The initial DF-Deferred grade marker will remain on a student's transcript for the term of instruction for which it was issued, even after the student has completed and submitted the required work and the instructor has reported a student's final grade in the course.  If for any reason an instructor issues a DF-Deferred to a student who did not request the grade marker, the student may request the grade marker be removed from his or her transcript.


To qualify for an I-Incomplete, a student must:    

  • have completed 12 weeks of the semester but cannot complete the semester and/or take the final exam for a compelling reason; 
  • be passing the course;
  • in the instructor's opinion, be able to complete the course without repeating the course. 

NOTE:  University policy prohibits instructors from giving an incomplete grade marker to a student who requests permission to do additional course work to improve their grade in the course.

Instructors who issue an I-Incomplete must file, at the time final grades are due, an Agreement for Completion of I-Incomplete form, detailing the course work the student must complete and citing the deadline for submitting this work.  The department then sends a copy of the form to the student.  In most, but not all, situations (see "NOTE" directly below) the instructor's deadline for removing the I-Incomplete and reporting the student's grade is the middle of the student's next semester on campus.  That means the student's deadline for submitting the missing course work will be before the instructor's deadline, if only to allow the instructor time to evaluate the course work.  Obviously, problems will arise when you meet your deadline and the instructor doesn't.  If the administrative action form fails to arrive in the Registrar's Office on time, your grade will automatically change to a 0.0.  Contact your instructor immediately if this should occur.

NOTE:  A graduating senior who receives an I-Incomplete and who wishes to graduate the semester in which the I-Incomplete was issued must complete the required course work before the start of the following semester, including summer.  The student's instructor, in turn, must submit the student's grade and the date the student completed the course work no later than the first day of classes the following semester.  This arrangement must be included in the Agreement of Completion of I-Incomplete form.  Students who miss this deadline and receive their instructors' permission to extend the due date for submitting the required course work will graduate at the end of the semester in which they complete the required course work.

Students who do not return to school the semester following the semester in which they were given an I-Incomplete have one calendar year to complete and submit the course work.  They should immediately notify their instructor of any delays in continuing their education.

If a catastrophic event or serious illness prevents a student from meeting the instructor's deadline for removing an I-Incomplete, the student can request an extension of the I-Incomplete from the instructor.  This request will require documentation.

Students who receive an I-Incomplete on their transcripts and have no idea why should immediately contact their instructor.

Students who fail to meet their deadline will automatically receive a failing grade in the course.  Again, they should contact their instructor if they have a compelling reason for their inability to complete the course.

Both the I-Incomplete and DF-Deferred grade markers will remain on a student's transcript, even after the instructor records the student's grade in the course.  If your instructor gives you either of these grade markers for reasons other than the criteria cited above, you may request that the grade marker be removed.  These students rightly complain that these grade markers might adversely affect future admission or employment decisions.

NGR-No Grade Reported

Special circumstances may prevent an instructor from submitting grades on time.  If this occurs, the records system will insert an NGR (No Grade Reported) marker for each student in the section.  As soon as the instructor submits the grades and they are recorded, the NGR markers are erased and do not appear in the updated student record or on printed transcripts.

Need assistance? Contact the University Ombudsperson.