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Late Adds FAQ

I was disenrolled from my course because I missed the deadline, now what do I do?

If you are disenrolled from your courses because you missed the deadline to return the tuition stub with the requested payment, the following tips will guide you through a complicated and sometimes frustrating procedure to reenroll in those courses.If you were disenrolled before the end of the first week of the semester, you can rebuild your course schedule yourself.

Note:  You may not get the exact schedule you had before you were disenrolled.

If you were disenrolled after the first week of classes, visit the office of the department/school/college ("units") offering the courses you want to reenroll in and ask permission to reenroll.  You will likely need your instructors' permission in writing. If you receive  permission, the unit will add you to the course(s), and you will receive a tuition bill with a payment deadline. If you don't pay on time, you'll be disenrolled once again.

Note:   Some units won't allow you to reenroll at any time after the first week of the semester, and you can't do anything about it. At MSU, units have a right to restrict late adds.

Late Fees: If you were disenrolled the week before classes begin, you will be charged a $50 late enrollment fee if you reenroll by midnight of the Sunday before classes begin. After that deadline, you will be charged a $100 late fee.

If you reenroll and again fail to pay your bill by the stated deadline, you'll receive a new bill, due in about two weeks. If you don't pay the new bill by the stated deadline, you will be disenrolled for a second time. It's possible to reenroll once again, but the late fee increases to $200 after the middle of the semester.

Note:  If you continue to attend your courses after knowingly being disenrolled, and in fact complete your courses with a passing grade, don't even think of asking for permission to add your courses after the semester ends.

Questions? Contact the University Ombudsperson