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Graduation Requirements FAQ

I was expecting to graduate at the end of the semester, but my advisor just told me I'm two credits shy. Now what do I do?

An audit of graduation requirements can bring stunning news to seniors expecting to graduate at the end of the semester when it reveals they're a few credits or courses short. These students will be joined by another group of seniors who misfire on a final exam, blocking their graduation as well. And, as if this turn of events isn't bad enough, these disappointed seniors face yet another burden--they must call their future employers and explain exactly what happened to them.

If they're lucky, their bosses will tell them to report to work as scheduled--and then give them a deadline for graduating. If they're unlucky, they'll find themselves suddenly unemployed. It all depends on the hiring practices of their employers.

What to do? Immediately begin working on a plan to remove the deficiencies in your academic record. Start with your advisor. You'll have several options to consider, including:

  • Enrolling in the required course(s) at MSU, if you remain in the area.
  • Enrolling in an MSU independent study and a Virtual University course.
  • Enrolling in another four-year institution and transferring the credits to MSU.

The latter can be tricky. Again, before you leave campus, determine which four-year institution you want to attend as a guest student. Consult with your academic advisor about which transfer courses will satisfy your remaining requirement(s). You'll need to review the MSU web site called Transfer MSU for credit equivalencies. Here you'll find a link to a list of courses from various universities that will automatically transfer to MSU.

If the university and the courses you and your advisor select do not appear on this MSU Web site, consult with your academic advisor and they will direct you to the appropriate unit to request a course evaluation.

And remember this: To transfer credits to MSU, you must earn at least a 2.0 in the course you wish to transfer.  The course(s), needless to say, cannot duplicate courses you've completed at MSU.

Questions? Contact the University Ombudsperson