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Fees and Tuition FAQ

I'm studying off campus this semester [e.g., enrolled in study abroad, internship, extension center course, or on-line course]. Why should I have to pay the matriculation fee, FM radio tax, student government tax and The State News assessment? I won't be on campus and will not use any of this.

The Board of Trustees voted several years ago to assess a matriculation fee that, in part, pays for your access to the technology and infrastructure of the University.  For example, while you are studying off campus, you may continue to use your e-mail account, access the Internet through MSU's gateway and use the libraries' on-line databases to download electronic articles and many other tasks that assist you with your studies from a distance.

However, if you take action before the end of the first two weeks of a semester (or the first 10 class days), you can request a refund for the fees in your question.

For information on how to do this visit Ask Sparty on the Financial Aid site

Questions? Contact the University Ombudsperson